Finding Joy in All the Write Places

Joy is found in the most surprising places...all you need to do is look very, very on the thumbnail for a larger image...and ignore the watermark...somewhere in the photo, you'll find J-O-Y!

I hope my cards will give you a smile and give you pause to think about where you might find your own joy. If you have a special idea or request for a card, please feel free to let me know.

$2.50 each...postage is a flat $4.50

Life is short...find Joy in it!

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Photo: B.A. Zaffarano

Joy in an English Field

Here, a field of heather includes some joy.

Joy in Marriage

Joy surrounds wedding bands.

Off Track Joy

A fork in the tracks and a little used shack was a peaceful scene framed by the cloud covered mountains.

Photo: J.C. Hostetter
Finding Joy in the Desert

The mountains and flowering cholla of New Mexico sit outside this friend's property and make him appreciate natural beauty.


Joy in China

Urban gardens in Beijing were my view from my hotel. Beijing seemed a study in dusty browns.


Joy in the Fields

Visiting Iowa in the fall, I caught the field with a sprinkling of color, ready to be reclaimed for the next growing season.


Minnesota Joy

Chilly Minnesota winter still renders its own beauty under the weight of the 10 below!

Finding Joy in the Moonlight

The moon reflected Virginia Beach on a calm Atlantic Ocean...full and mystical.


Joy on the Ocean

The Pacific Ocean was a study in grays and blues...amazing that each instant is just that...the next instant will show another picture.

San Francisco
Photo: G.M.Zaffarano

Joy in San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge was shrouded in fog as the photographer was driving across it.

Photo: H. Estrem

Joy in Blues

Perfect harmony as the Pacific ocean and sky sing with their blues...
Alaska stream

Tumbling Joys

The water holds magic down an Alaskan stream
Golden Gate
Photo: G.M. Zaffarano

Joy in a Golden Gate Fog

A study in grays makes finding joy a little more difficult.
Lazy Shamrock

Joy on a Colorado Ranch

The pasture with the grazing remuda had a gentle beauty.

Joy on the Your side of the Fence

A little difficult to find sometimes...perhaps it is on YOUR side of the fence!

Lincoln Park
Photo: B. Zaffarano

Joy in Lucerne

A Swiss sculpture brings joy to many.



Joy in a Door

A restaurant in Lincoln Park is a joy palette.

Joy in the Chicago Skyline

A single tree sets of the Chicago skyline.

Lake Michigan

Joy in Chicago's Shoreline

A simple joy...from the beach in Lincoln Park

Joy in a Pier

A pier in Lake Michigan with an intriguing fence.



Joy in the Iris

Pushing the photo of my garden's Iris into higher contrast pleased my sensibilities.
iris 2

Joy in the Iris 2

Simple flower beauty from my garden found life despite my less than green thumb.

Natural Joy

This beautiful white Columbine was the product of a clipping given by a friend.


Petal Joy

A sweet Tiger Lily was a gift planting from my neighbor.


Joy in Columbines

A Double Columbine at its peak surprised me this was a volunteer from a cutting planted a couple of years ago.

Joy in a Hollyhock

How lucky I feel to have such a profusion of flowers living next door to me!


Rose Joy

I have a neighbor whose garden is least in MY neighborhood!

Trumpeting Joy

This Honeysuckle was splayed out in a lovely fan of yellow.

Joy in Purple Profusion

My neighbor's green thumb produced this lovely Clematis.


Joy in the Petals

This one is hard to find...look carefully on the petals.

Joy in the Blazing Stars

Look in the greens for the joy.

Tiger Lily

Joy in the Search

Very difficult to find joy in these Tiger Lilies, but look in the middle blooms...


Joy in a White Trumpet

Subtle, but the stamen shadows...

Tree frog

Joy and Luck

A little tree frog found a safe haven in a rose garden!


Joy in the Garden

This one isn't easily found...but it is there!




Joy with a Dog

Yellow Lab fur holds a certain amount of joy...



Joy on the Beach

A footprint in the sand of a Door County, Wisconsin dune forced the sand shift and begged for a photo...

Almond Joy

Almond Joy

Inspired by one of my sons and looking for a chuckle...

Photo: A. Koszewski

Ice Storm

Just after a damaging ice storm in Lexington, Kentucky, sometimes joy is hard to find.

Photo: A. Koszewski

In the Clouds

Musing while gazing out of an airplane window can bring joy...

Over the shoulder

Photographer, Bill Haeske helped find joy in a Lady of Grace...

Crystal Joy

Closeups of crystals in a kitchen window...

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